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Local man to join ambitious convoy

Call it an ultimate road trip of sorts.

Hundreds of military vehicle enthusiasts have planned a convoy to travel the Alaska Highway to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the building of the important military road.

The 1,523-mile road was completed in 81andfrasl;2 months in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Harry "Mac" McCluskey, of Crescent City, and his 1942 military Jeep, will take part in the 4,000-mile out-and-back trip, which officially starts Aug. 4, leaving from Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

McCluskey is calling on all Del Norte military vehicle owners to

consider joining him on the trek. He'll be leaving Del Norte July 28

after being joined by other convoy drivers from Southern California.

Contact Mac McCluskey at 707-464-4367 for more information.

The convoy has been organized by the Military Vehicle Preservation

Association (MVPA).

"The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, led to one of the

greatest engineering feats of the century," according to a MVPA


"Recognizing that the U.S. West Coast, Canada and all of Alaska were

open to possible Japanese invasion, President Franklin D. Roosevelt

ordered the construction of the 'Alaska Canada Military Highway' on Feb.

11, 1942. This important road would be used to supply forces in Alaska

and the airfields located and planned along the West Coast.

"Approximately 11,000 servicemen worked exhausting 12- to 16-hour

days in harsh and dangerous conditions to complete the road in record

time. Men and machines faced monumental challenges and prevailed. That's

why driving the Alaska Highway is so important to historic military

vehicle collectors."

Contact the MVPA at 1-800-365-5798.

-Adam Spencer

Refreshing representation

Watching the wheels of government turn from the comfort of your own

home recently got a little easier.

A new media website is up and running, featuring meetings of the Del

Norte County Board of Supervisors, the Crescent City Council and the

Solid Waste Management Authority.

The site streams footage of these meetings in your browser window,

live or after-the-fact, without the need to download any external


Check out the new site for a broadcast schedule and links to archived

videos at http://media.

-Emily Jo Cureton

Maready won't seek re-election

Starting Monday, folks can file to run for local offices appearing on

the November ballot.

A public notice on page B3 of today's newspaper details all the spots

up for election, including seats on the Crescent City Council, the

School Board, the Harbor Commission and other special districts.

At a Thursday meeting of the Del Norte County Unified School

District Board, Jim Maready announced he will not seek another term in

the District 4 seat.

He still has six months of service to go, but "the reason I announced

it is because the filing date is coming up and I wanted to make sure

the people who wanted to file knew there was an opening," he told the


Another goodbye came from DNUSD Personnel Director Rick Holley, who's

retiring before the next school year starts. Holley was appointed to a

vacancy on the Crescent City Council in January and plans to seek

election for a full term this November, he said.

-Emily Jo Cureton