Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

District Attorney Jon Alexander has won a postponement of his State Bar trial for medical reasons.

Bar Court Judge Lucy Armendariz granted the request Monday, based on Alexander's inability to travel after injuring his knee in a Fourth of July dunk tank accident.

The trial is now scheduled Oct. 15-25. It involves seven counts of misconduct, including corruption. He has denied the charges.

A Bar prosecutor previously stated he would seek disbarment if Alexander is convicted.

The trial was originally scheduled to start Sept. 4, and an earlier motion for continuance was denied. Alexander had asked for the continuance due to a schedule conflict with the Jarrod Wyatt murder trial on Sept. 10.

Wyatt, 27, a former mixed martial arts fighter, is accused of fatally beating Taylor Powell, 21, of Crescent City, in March2010.

"I have never allowed anything to interfere with the job the voters elected me to do, which includes dealing with the State Bar proceeding initiated and driven by former members of the DA's Office," said Alexander on Monday. "The Wyatt case and getting justice for Taylor Powell will continue to be the top priority for me and my prosecution team."

A change of venue motion Alexander filed to move at least part of the trial to Crescent City has been denied. He said he made that proposal to accommodatewitnesses who will otherwise have to travel to San Francisco.

"The Bar's refusal to allow a justifiable change of venue necessary to accomodate well over nine-tenths of the witnesses in this case speaks volumes to any semblance of fairness long ago departed in this witch hunt," said Alexander.

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