Nita Phillips, The Triplicate

From the pages of the Crecent City American, August 1931.

Jack Duffy was the lucky man when the drawing for the Ford automobile, given away by the Fair Association, took place at the fairgrounds Sunday.

The drawing was made from the judge's stand before a throng of people in attendance at the fair. The numbers were placed in a large box and after they had been well shaken up, Mrs. Ruth Coporale, chosen queen of the fair, drew out No. 4101 and announced that Jack Duffy was the holder of the lucky number.

Mr. Duffy is still pinching himself to ascertain if he is really awake, for he states that he does not yet believe it possible for one barber to have so much luck.

Favorable fishing outlook

With 60 boats in readiness to begin the season's fishing run on the Klamath, indications point to a very favorable season.

Stage catches fire

Excitement reigned rampant on the Grants Pass-bound Pickwick stage Sunday when the floor of the stage caught on fire and burned for several minutes before it was discovered.

Two ladies sitting immediately over the fire were loath to announce it, due to the fact that they thought that the heat was due to natural causes. The heat became so hot, however, that they finally decided to notify the driver, who extinguished the blaze, and little damage resulted.

Remarkable peach tree

That peaches will grow in Crescent City has been proven beyond a doubt by Capt. John Luckman, proprietor of the Swiss Inn on Ocean Shore Drive.

Capt. Luckman has a 2-year-old Elberta peach tree that stands around 15 feet high and this year has borne 60 peaches that have an average circumference of 9 inches. The fruit is rich in flavor and color and the tree might be termed a phenomenal growth inasmuch as it is growing within 300 feet of the surf, is a volunteer seedling, and the fruit is a large as that grown from budded stock.

What we are wondering now is: What would budded stock, with cultivated care and pruning, do in Del Norte County?

County mineral belt eyed

Del Norte County holds the brightest prospects for mineral deposits of any place he has visited in the Pacific Northwest, were the words of Ralph Norduant, speaker at Kiwanis. Rev. George H. Proctor was chairman of the day.

Mr. Norduant is a geologist and miner, and has traveled the United States over. He was one of the first 60 men to cross the desert in Australia when the big gold rush was on there and his story of traveling and living conditions, not to speak of the rich gold strikes that were made, was most interesting.

Mr. Norduant, in his talks about the mineral deposits of Del Norte County, stated the surface has only been scratched and that he is now preparing an exhibition into the hills with four other miners that will last all of the coming winter. The party expects to go to Big Flat and then pack back into the Siskiyou range some 40 miles before making permanent camp and starting the prospecting venture.

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