Emily Jo Cureton, The Triplicate

Del Norte County will continue to provide timely notice of public meetings and detailed agendas, even though certain mandates of the Brown Act were suspended this summer as part of a trailer bill to the 2012andndash;13 state budget.

Last week the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to honor the sunshine law on its own dime.

Previously, California counties could bill the state for the time and expense it took to comply with rules about posting meeting agendas in advance, listing all discussion items on those agendas and announcing what happened in closed sessions.

"Yes we can charge for complying with the mandates. That doesn't mean they pay us," said County Administrative Officer Jay Sarina.

In 2009andndash;10, the bill sent to Sacramento came to $32,000, and like every year's compliance bill since 2004, it's still outstanding. Sarina said.

Across California, cities, counties and school districts are passing similar resolutions, while the budget-triggered suspensions will likely be in effect for three years.

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