Triplicate Staff

RV park 'power is shot,' harbor panel told

Several concerned tenants of an RV park in the Crescent City Harbor attended this week's Harbor Commission meeting to complain about inadequate power.

The voltage and amperage of the electrical system at Bayside RV park is too low, occasionally causing microwaves, refrigerators and other appliances to burn out.

"The power is shot," said John Lewis, manager of Bayside RV park. "The whole system needs to be replaced. It's outdated; it's old; we're still running Unicorn, and Unicorn went out of business in 1965."

For years, the park has been making small improvements to keep the electricity running, but it's difficult to find replacement parts for a system made by a company that no longer exists, Lewis said.

"They've been piecing it together as best as they can, but you're looking at anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000 to get the system up to where it would work better and bring in more revenue," Lewis said at the meeting.

"When the property's leased, it's the lessee's responsibility," said Harbormaster Richard Young, adding that it was the first time he had heard there was a problem. Young said he would look it.

Lewis advocated for a metered system since electrical prices are increasing and considering that modern-day RVs are equipped with plasma screen TVs, washers, dryers and other amenities.

"If we can meter the sites, we could offset the costs, which would in turn give (the harbor) more profit, give us more profit, and we'd be able to do more for the park," Lewis said.

- Adam Spencer

The sexuality of pot plants

The height of the illegal outdoor growing season in Del Norte County is approaching and officers tasked with spotting and spoiling marijuana grows come across several techniques by growers to make a more profitable plant.

Some growers place a male marijuana plant outside a garden of female plants to help produce plumper buds.

The presence of the males can cause the females to blossom their buds in an attempt to attract the male's pollen.

While the female may be seeking pollination, the grower has to be wary as a successful pollination will cause the female to seed.

- Anthony Skeens