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Wyatt to be chainedto a 150-pound chair

The September murder trial of Jarrod Wyatt is approaching while the attorneys argue the remaining pre-trial motions.

On Tuesday, a shackles motion was granted by Del Norte Superior Court Judge William Follett, who decided Wyatt would be chained to a 150-pound chair, but have his arms free to communicate through writing with defense attorney Jim Fallman, said District Attorney Jon Alexander.

"He will be chained to the heavy chair restricting his mobility," said Alexander.

Wyatt, 27, a former mixed martial arts fighter, is accused of fatally beating Powell, 21, of Crescent City, on March 21, 2010, in a gruesome attack that involved mutilation.

Wyatt told authorities at the time that he was under the influence of hallucinogenic mushroom tea and he believed his friend was the devil.

Wyatt faces charges of murder with special circumstances of torture and aggravated mayhem, using a deadly weapon while committing a felony, aggravated mayhem and torture.

A readiness conference is scheduled for Sept. 4 - six days before the trial - to decide whether incidents from Wyatt's past will be admissible as evidence.

The District Attorney's Office will be trying to have several incidents included in the trial with the intent of showing a pattern of controlling, dominating and violent behavior, according to court documents.

The first incident occurred March 17, 2010 - four days before Powell was killed - when Wyatt allegedly struck a 16-year-old boy in the chest and face because he was surfing with a surfboard emblazoned with a Rhyn Noll logo, court documents state.

The second incident happened in November 2009 when Wyatt allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face when she was trying to leave their house one morning to get coffee, court documents state.

A third incident happened in 2009 when Wyatt called two friends of his to meet him at Pacific Shores, court documents state.

When the friends met him, Wyatt unleashed his two large dogs to attack and maul a small pig he had recently purchased, court documents state.

Wyatt eventually stabbed the pig to death after a friend repeatedly asked him to end the mauling, court documents state.

There were three occasions in the fall of 2009 when Wyatt drank psilocybin mushroom tea with another woman he was dating, court documents state.

During one of the episodes, he commanded one of his dogs to bite the woman, the documents state.

The dog snapped at her and nipped her, the documents state.

The woman later stated Wyatt thought that it was funny, the documents state.

Fallman filed a rebuttal earlier this month to the motion to include these alleged incidents, arguing the prosecution has enough substantive evidence to move forward and bringing forward anymore would be stepping into questionable evidentiary areas.

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