The new school year started Aug. 25 with most classes beginning Aug. 27, so we are a week into the new school year as you read this. Faculty members are making last-minute adjustments to the curriculum that they will be presenting to their students.

Students are trying to make sure that their schedules are going to accomplish what they want. Some students are dropping classes as they realize that maybe they were overreaching what they could accomplish during the fall semester, and some are adding classes so that they can get a jump on the educational goals.

All the while faculty, staff, and students alike are dealing with the fact that due to budget constraints a few classes have had to be cancelled, at least for this semester.

On the other hand, CRDN is offering a class or two that has never been taught at the Del Norte campus. One of the classes is Environmental Sociology taught by Dr. Philip Mancus. As some of you may recall, Mancus was also the faculty adviser for the Community Enrichment Club, which he may be reformulating on the campus if enough students express interest.

The situation with the Community Enrichment Club is one facing all of the former clubs on the Del Norte campus and is one of the reasons I haven't been able to report much about activities from the clubs.

As of July 1, all of the clubs on all CR campuses ceased to exist. Over the summer the ASCR Student Senate, because of incidents on both the Eureka and Del Norte campuses, made the radical decision to have all clubs start over with a clean slate. The decision by ASCR means that all clubs, if they want to be officially recognized by CR, must apply for a new charter by the end of September.

As of this writing on the Del Norte campus there are three clubs that are actively engaged in trying to get their clubs restarted. The three clubs are the Native American Club, the Literary Club, and the Associated Student Body Club.

I feel that all of the clubs that were active last year on the Del Norte campus will be reactivated this year once students and faculty get into the groove of things. With the clubs having to re-evaluate their constitutions and mission statements, and with reworked club guidelines established by the ASCR, the efforts put forth by these clubs should be even more focused and successful then they were in the their past.

As the new year gets started I hope that all Del Norte county residents will join me in wishing the faculty and students of CRDN the best of luck as we look forward to seeing what they can accomplish this year.

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