Academy opensits school year atE and 4th streets

Uncharted Shores Academy is adding a new sign to the renovations at its new location on the corner of E and 4th just in time for the start of the new school year.

The sign was made by local woodscraftsman, Cel Hernandez, in his new shop on the corner of H and 4th. Del Norte Woodworking, officially opened its doors today.

Wanda Clifton, a local artist who painted the mural at the old A Street clinic, was commissioned to paint the sign, and added an ocean effect in the background to enhance the name of the academy. Clifton has several art credits to her name, including illustrating the book, "The Sisters of Eselgroth," which was published in June of 2011.

Uncharted Shores Academy (USA), a Kandndash;8th grade charter school, begins its sixth year of operation today, opening its doors at 330 E St. for the first time.Previously the school was located in two converted warehouse buildings, and had no gym, lunchroom or playground.In July, USA was able to negotiate a lease with St. Joseph Catholic Church for its parochial school building, as the Catholic school had ceased operations in 2011.

All religious symbols have been removed, and the facility began operation as a public charter school today.

USA is known for its character education program. It operates as a parent-governed charter school, and is run by a governing board in which the majority of members are parents of students.

USA offers a hybrid educational option which allows students to receive daily instruction in all academic core subjects while still having the opportunity to use the community and parent-directed activities for additional education. This has proved to be a real asset to parents who have children active in community youth offerings such as recreational football, 4-H, and Boy Scouts.Due to the shorter school day, students are able to complete homework before involvement in community activities.

USA also offers middle school team sports, and has opened its sports team to other charter school students when there is space on the team.USA has won both first and second place trophies over the last two years and plans to offer girls volleyball, girls and boys basketball, and track this coming year.

Margie Rouge, founder and director of USA, commented, "With all the unique options and its reputation for success with building student respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness, USA has definitely shown itself to have a place in the community.We are looking forward to serving the students even better in our new facility."