Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Victim: Dispute wasover a money claim

A local man was held against his will and beaten by two men during a dispute over money at a residence on J Street last week, authorities said.

Steven Aguirre, 33, was allegedly beaten by Ryan and Gary Leal at their 806 J St. home last Thursday, said Police Lt. Garrett Scott.

The Leals were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, battery causing serious injury and assault, Scott said.

Aguirre had stopped by the Leal residence to pick up some paperwork in the afternoon when he was confronted by Gary Leal, 63, claiming Aguirre owed $20,000 to him and his 30-year-old son Ryan Leal, Scott said.

As Aguirre was speaking with Gary Leal in his living room, Ryan Leal attacked Aguirre from behind, throwing him into a television eventually getting him to the ground and pummeling him, Scott said.

Ryan Leal told authorities, who arrived later, "I hit him three times with this hand until it broke, so then I hit him six more times with this hand," according to Scott.

When authorities arrived, Aguirre was leaning against a counter in the kitchen bleeding profusely from his face while Gary Leal stood over him holding a 3 1/2-foot metal pipe, Scott said.

Gary Leal was disarmed and detained along with his son, Scott said.

A witness at the residence said the two men punched and kicked himAguirre? more than 20 times and Gary Leal struck Aguirre with a metal pipe several times, Scott said. Aguirre did not fight back, Scott said.

The men told Aguirre he wasn't leaving until he wired $20,000 to Gary Leal's bank account, Scott said. Ryan Leal alsomade statements that Aguirre owed him $3,000, Scott said.

The Leals did not give authorities the reason why Aguirre owed them money, Scott said.

Aguirre told authorities he didn't owe the money, but that the Leals knew of a recent settlement he was awarded, Scott said.

Aguirre suffered lacerations and bruising to his face and back, Scott said. Aguirre was treated and released from Sutter Coast Hospital later that day, but came back Friday for more treatment.

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