Two business remain closed

Spotlight Video has reopened but two other businesses remained closed Friday after rain and hail contributed to a roof collapse in an unoccupied space in the same building.

State Farm Insurance and Papa Murphy's Pizza in the shopping center on M Street are still closed after the roof collapsed inside a neighboring storefront Tuesday.

According to Ward Stover, owner of Stover's Engineering in Crescent City, the county building inspector has allowed limited access to business representatives until repairs can be made. Stover added that the contractor hired by Rite Aid corporation, which owns the building, hopes to get some work done over the weekend.

"We've taken a quick look at the damage and we'll be taking a closer look to come up with recommended repairs, Stover said. "The contractor had some staff here this morning. They need to take out a building permit."

The building's roof was rotted and overstressed due to the rain and hail that visited Crescent City earlier this week, Stover said. The force of the impact caused the walls inside State Farm's space to shift, he said. There was no real damage noticed in Papa Murphy's space, but until the building's trusses are replaced they continue to pose a hazard. Stover said the trusses needed to be stabilized so he could go in and figure out what temporary repairs are necessary.

"The contractor plans on getting some work done this weekend and we're designing and making fixes as we go," Stover said. "The direction I have from Rite Aid is to do whatever necessary to get those tenants back in as soon as possible."

No one was injured when the roof caved in, but Crescent Fire Chief Steve Wakefield estimated the damage at over $100,000.

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