The National Indian Health Board (NIHB) selected the United Indian Health Services (UIHS) Board of Directors for its annual National Indian Health Award.

According to Tyra Baer, Tribal Health Care Reform Project Coordinator for NIHB, this recognition was awarded for the "UIHS Board's selfless dedication to advancing the health of Native People and tireless contribution towards improving the delivery of health care to north coastal tribes of California."

UIHS has been recognized for integrating the healing power of culture with modern medicine.

With walking trails to support fitness, the architecture, traditional healers, and the 1andfrac12;-acre community food garden, UIHS demonstrates the importance of traditional life-style in maintaining a healthy community.

The UIHS Board of Directors, through fund raising activities, is continuing to invest in traditional resources and programs so that UIHS can provide the highest quality health care to over 11,000 people it serves.

Baer thanked the UIHS Board of Directors for its guidance and support for "the integration of cultural healing power with modern medicine" and serving as a healthy role model in the community. She also commended UIHS for its support in advocating health and is "amazed with the low (8 percent) diabetes prevalence rate in the (UIHS) community."

This prestigious award was presented to the UIHS Board of Directors on Sept. 26 at the 2012 National Indian Health Board Annual Awards Ceremony in Denver.