Triplicate Staff

Measure A passes - no more water fluoridation

Roger Gitlin held a small but substantial lead over incumbent county Supervisor Leslie McNamer after the counting of ballots concluded just before midnight on Tuesday in Del Norte.

An unknown number of ballots must still be counted, but Gitlin's lead of 583-532 seemed likely to stand.

"When we get to the end of the day I'm going to thank every voter that voted and those that didn't vote for me," Gitlin said. "My feeling is I want to win this thing, but then let's bury this thing. Let's work together."

Earlier at McNamer's headquarters on I Street, the two-term incumbent sounded resigned after early returns showed her behind.

"The absentee ballots generally set the tone," she said, taking a seat before preparing to pack up for the night and see out the race from home.

The county Republican Party headquarters next door was dark and empty by 8:30, shortly after TV networks called the presidential race for Barack Obama.

The party was at county Democratic Party headquarters on U.S. Highway 101 North.

Cheers broke out among the crowd of about 50 people, who hugged, jumped up and down and gave high-fives.

"That's all I care about," exclaimed James Ramsey, candidate for the Crescent City Harbor Commission. "I'm done."

Among those celebrating was Mayor Kathryn Murray, who was among the top three vote-getters for three seats on the Crescent City Council.


Ron Gastineau was the top vote-getter for Council with 574 votes. Rick Holley had 515 and Murray 424.


Sutton was fourth with 391, so it's possible but unlikely that he could

overtake Murray. Donna Westfall was fifth with 266 and Joseph Aliotti

was sixth with 256.


In the

School Board races, Frances Costello won re-election. She led Edna Smith 4,165-3,093 in District 3, while Judith Cordts was elected in District


Cordts had 2,720 votes to 2,296 for Roger Daley and 1,956 for Tod Roy.



the Harbor Commission race, all three of the incumbents were

re-elected. Ramsey was the top vote-getter with 3,802 votes, Wes White

had 3,343 and Scott Feller with 3,222.

Ken Cowan was fourth with 2,706, Dylan Clawson was fifth with 2,266 and David Alvarez was sixth with 1,479.


whose eyes were glued to the television screen at Democratic

headquarters, said he was more worried about state measures than his own


"I was the one who got elected by rolling dice," he said,

referring to the tie-breaking device that got him elected four years

ago. "If I don't win that's what God wanted and if I do that's what God



Measure A to remove fluoride from the city water system was approved. It had 524 votes in support and 402 in opposition.


Republican Jim Nielsen was leading in the special election for District 4, which includes Del Norte.


had 50.5 percent of the vote at midnight, easily outdistancing

Democrat Michael Harrington, who was second with 27.9 percent.



Jared Huffman was far out in front of Republican Daniel Roberts in the

race for U.S. House District 2, which includes Del Norte. Huffman had 70.4

percent of the vote to 29.6 percent.



30 to raise taxes for more education funding was leading, 51.8 percent

to 48.2 percent. Another tax hike measure, Prop 38, trailed 73.1

percent to 26.9 percent.

Prop 34 to end the death penalty trailed 54.2 percent to 45.8 percent.

Prop 37 to require genetically engineered foods labeling trailed 54.8 percent to 45.2 percent.


Democratic incumbent Dianne Feinstein was far out in front of challenger Elizabeth Emken, 59.5 percent to 40.5 percent.