Welcome to this month's edition of the CRDN Report, a monthly report on the happenings at the Del Norte campus of College of The Redwoods. We will look at what is going on at the campus from an administrative side as well as what some of the students themselves are doing, such as club activities and field trips.

Since our last report the Community Enrichment Club (CEC) has been re-chartered and is making plans for various events that it has undertaken in the past. The CEC has offered free public screenings of various movies, most with an environmental message to them.

The CEC has also taken part in cleanup efforts along the nature trail that runs behind the CR Del Norte campus and it is again looking into the possibility of doing that. The CEC has other projects that it is mulling over at this time, and you can check back here in future editions for more about its activities.

Another club that has been re-chartered is the Students for Health Awareness Club (SHA), which is made up largely of students currently taking the LVN classes offered at CR Del Norte. The LVN classes take roughly three semesters to complete, and this semester marks the culmination of that three-semester time frame.

The SHA is currently fundraising so that it can put on a "pinning" ceremony, which is a celebration of the completion of the classes where students receive their LVN pins signifying that they are now Licensed Vocational Nurses.

For further information about this club or to enquire about maybe making a donation to this club's efforts, I would suggest contacting Dr. Melody Pope at the CR Del Norte campus as she is the faculty adviser for the club.

The ASCR Student Senate has hosted or co-hosted a couple of events over the last month and has another event planned for this month for students to participate in.

Last month ASCR sponsored a Voting Information Symposium featuring instructor Tom Owen. The event was well attended by members of the public who wanted a relatively unbiased opinion of the various California propositions that were on the Nov. 6 ballot.

ASCR also sponsored and co-hosted a Halloween get-together on the campus for students to participate in. Coming up later this month, ASCR is taking a group of CRDN students to the Wildlife Images and Rehabilitation Center located just outside of Grants Pass, Ore., for an informational tour of the facilities.

Three CR Del Norte-based ASCR members also recently attended the Student Senate of California Community College's (SSCCC) Fall General Assembly in Rancho Mirage, where they received some training from this statewide organization as well as conferring with representatives from almost 70 other California community colleges about various issues.

On a more administrative side but still pertaining to students is that the spring 2013 class schedule is now available and registration for priority students will begin soon and should be open to the general public around the first of December.

Some good news on that front is that with the passage of Proposition 30, CR Del Norte is going to be able to offer even more classes than we originally planned on, so if you are interested in taking classes at CR Del Norte we encourage you to keep checking with the administrative office or the CR Del Norte website for the most up to date listing of available classes for the spring 2013 semester, which starts Jan. 12.

Please consider joining us next semester as a fellow student.

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