County planning commissioners on Wednesday will consider changes to a project that includes repaving a portion of Pebble Beach Drive, adding a bike lane and improving drainage.

The Del Norte County Planning Division proposes adding a 7- to 10-foot-wide bike lane on the west side of Pebble Beach Drive, according to Assistant Engineer Rosanna Bower. The lane would accommodate both northbound and southbound bicycle and pedestrian traffic from the Crescent City limits to Hemlock Avenue, she said.

The original project called for new bike lanes on both sides of the road - as exist on the northernmost section of the road. The project involves repaving Pebble Beach Drive from the Crescent City boundary to Hemlock. Plans also call for a series of berms, dikes and curbs to divert runoff along the edges of the roadway into the existing drainage system to decrease bluff erosion, Bower said.

Caltrans has already approved the proposed changes, Bower said, adding the work will not encroach on private property. The total project cost is roughly $900,000, which includes the design work and environmental studies, she said. If the California Coastal Commission approves the project changes, construction is expected to start next summer.

"We don't anticipate any appeals from the Coastal Commission," Bower said. "If the project gets appealed we'll look at going back to the original scope because that's already been approved."

Otherwise, the county would have to decide whether to withdraw the request and simply overlay and re-stripe the existing narrow roadway or oppose the anticipated appeal, a costly and often drawn-out process.

Most of the preliminary engineering and environmental studies were paid for using State Transportation Improvement Program funds.

In November 2010, the Del Norte County Board of Supervisorsauthorized staff to apply for Highway Safety Improvement Program funds to finish the project. Funding was awarded in August 2011, but after engineers reassessed the issues with existing road width, drainage and encroachments on the county's right of way, the project was sent back to the drawing board.

The Planning Commission meets at 6 p.m. Wednesday inside the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the Flynn Administrative Center, 981 H St. Agendas are available at

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