Welcome to this month's edition of the CRDN Report. As you read this the students of Del Norte are in the midst of taking their finals so that they can finish off the fall 2012 semester.

After completing the fall semester students will be taking about a month off of school before starting the spring semester Jan, 14, 2013. Staff and faculty will also be finishing off their semester and most of them will take a short time off and then start gearing up for the spring semester as well.

The recent cuts to some of the staff positions at CRDN have been documented already but they won't affect the quality of education that can be had at CRDN. Speaking of that; there are still classes available for enrollment if you want to take a class or two.

Maybe you never got to finish your degree or maybe you just want to brush up on or learn a few things. No matter what your reason we encourage you to come join us as a fellow student during the spring semester.

There aren't as many student clubs active on campus this semester as there have been in the past, but the ones that are there have been or are planning on doing some wonderful things.

The Community Enrichment Club (CEC) has been planning a clean-up project for the nature trail area that runs through the woods behind the CRDN campus. The CEC did a clean-up project like this a couple of years ago and filled up two large Dumpsters that Recology had donated for that use. Let's hope that the trail area hasn't gotten that cluttered again, but if it is, I know that CEC will make every effort to get it cleaned up.

As I mentioned last month, the Students for Health Awareness (SHA) have been busy fundraising to pay for the "pinning" ceremony that will mark the end of a year and half-long class cycle that prospective licensed vocational nurses must complete. The SHA will continue into the spring, when hopefully the students entering the Certified Nurse's Assistant program will pick up the torch.

The student government for College of The Redwoods, which is known as ASCR, has continued its efforts to raise "brand awareness" among the students. ASCR recently handed out almost 200 free T-shirts to students with the ASCR 2012-2013 logo on it as part of this effort.

Another ASCR event coming up is a trip to Washington, D.C., in mid-January to attend the swearing-in ceremony for President Obama. On this trip will be five ASCR members who hope to do a little bit of "lobbying" on behalf of our college and community.

Three winners of an ASCR-sponsored essay contest will also be going on the trip. Of these three winners, one is from the Del Norte campus, one is from the Eureka campus, and the other is from the Mendocino campus in Fort Bragg.

The participants will spend a day sight-seeing and then will attend the swearing-in ceremony before coming back home. Stay tuned to the CRDN Report for a report on this in the February 2013 edition.

Now for the hardest part of this edition for me to write; this will be my last time writing this column. I have written this column for just over a year and have enjoyed every minute of it. I really enjoy taking classes at CRDN and have met some wonderful people there, so when the opportunity to write this column came up I jumped at the opportunity to tell the community about the college.

I hope through my columns that you the reader have been able to see what a wonderful asset the college is to our community.

Although this is my last column the CRDN Report will continue on. The new writer will be Christopher Harper, who is a fellow student and a colleague of mine in the student government at the college. Chris has served as a campus representative for CRDN in the student government for about a year and a half and he is actively involved in a few of the clubs that get reported about in this column. So I hope all of you will welcome him and continue reading this column after he takes over.

So for my last time; everybody take care of yourselves and I hope you'll come back next month for the next installment of the CRDN Report.

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