Effort supports wounded U.S. soldiers in hospital

Del Norte Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution sends supplies to Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany for American soldiers.

On Oct. 6, the chapter held its rummage sale in the Ocean View Inn's parking lot; the chapter converted the proceeds collected into supplies and sent them to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for wounded American soldiers.

Landstuhl is the largest American hospital outside the United States that is operated by the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense. It is the nearest treatment center for wounded soldiers coming from Iraq and Afghanistan. It serves military personnel stationed in Germany as well as their family members.

Landstuhl's yearly requests are for supplies to meet the needs of soldiers at the hospital for treatment, such as sweat pants, undergarments, socks, and T-shirts for both men and women and other personal items.

This year several Daughters donated toys for the children hospitalized. Also, letters of support for the soldiers from Barbara Freeman's sixth grade class-team No. 4 were given to the chapter to send along with the supplies.

A special thanks to Hector and Eileen Brown for the use of the Ocean View Inn parking lot for the rummage sale and donating coffee for the public. Also sincere thanks to the Mail Room, which graciously donated boxes for shipment for the last three years.

Very special thanks go out to Barbara Freeman and her students for their show of support.

All items were sent through the American Red Cross for the benefit of our American soldiers.