The Crescent City Council has unanimously approved an update to a plan for reusing income generated by activities funded by Community Development Block Grants.

Any such income - including loan rerepayments - may be used for other CDBG-eligible activities under specific guidelines, according to CDBG Coordinator Charlaine Mazzei.

Crescent City has about $149,000 in program income funds, and the city must have a state-approved plan in place to use those funds, Mazzei said. The state also requires that plan be updated with new language if it is more than three years old. The city's dated to 2006, she said.

In its updated plan, the City Council specified that any funds generated by CDBG-funded activities would be reused within the Crescent City urban area. According to Mazzei, program regulations state the city can use CDBG program income funds in any area where it has a community development interest.

Last year, the city awarded $137,600 in CDBG Program Income funds for nine activities, including $15,000 to the Community Assistance Network's food bank, $35,000 to the Fred Endert Municipal Swimming Pool and $17,800 to the Children's Health Initiative.

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