Piece by Piece Pottery has announced the completion of the Third Street Mural Project, which will serve as a great time capsule of our town, outlasting all of us.

Each of the 50 ceramic puzzle murals installed on the wall on Third Street between J and K Streets represent a different facet of the history and culture in Del Norte County.

To design and construct the murals, Harley Munger of Piece by Piece Pottery worked with more than 30 high-risk, low-income youth in a mentorship program supported by Elk Valley Artisans. Through the project, the kids learned job and life skills and every aspect of the mural-making process, including alchemy and glazing.

Jill Munger kept the paperwork moving and was part of the installation and grouting crew.The community was generous with support as each mural was sponsored by a local business, nonprofit, family or individual.

Each scene reflects something significant to the sponsors. Families that sponsored murals "in memory of" or "in honor of" individuals chose something to represent their loved ones.

The three-year project was split into two phases. The first phase took two years, while the second took less than seven months.

The second phase of the project was partially funded with a Community Building Development Grant written by Jill Munger of Elk Valley Artisans and administered by the City of Crescent City. The project was supported by Elk Valley Artisans, the City of Crescent City, the Business Improvement District, businesses and individuals from our community.

Piece by Piece Pottery works within the school district, with Rotary and the Harbor District, and with Del Norte County Health and Human Services and the Department of Mental Health. Evidence of their success can be seen in the tile murals in almost every school, at Crescent City Harbor, Fred Endert Pool and the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

Sponsors of the second phase of the Third Street Mural Project are:

andbull; Lily, "In Loving Memory of G.W and E.R Klotz and family"

andbull; Dolphin, "In Memory of Juelan Anderson"

andbull; Dolo, "In Loving Memory of Clifford Percy"

andbull; Agriculture, sponsored by Global Culture

andbull; Abalone, sponsored by Abalone International

andbull; Native American woman, "In Loving Memory of Eunice Xash-wee-tes-na Henry Bommelyn Feb.6,1927-April 23, 2012"

andbull;Eagle, "In Loving Memory of Heidi Imfeld. Continue to soar!"

andbull; Logger, "In Loving Memory of Cimon and Margaret Munger"

andbull; Kayak, sponsored by the Smith River Alliance

andbull; Soccer, sponsored by the Del Norte Youth Soccer Association

andbull; Hispanic dancers, Cristina's Mexican Restaurant and entire family since 1986

andbull; Sammy fishing, "In honor of Sammy Gensaw and family"

andbull; Butterfly, "In Honor of Caro Godart, 2012 Rotary exchange student from Belgium"

andbull; Fishing boat, sponsored by John Brunsing and Andy Allen

andbull; Seal, "InLoving Memory of Jeannie Rowden. Always in the hearts of the Evans Family"

andbull; Hummingbird, "In memory of Farrell, Anabelle and David Quigley"

andbull; Logging truck, "In honor of Cal and Dorothy Hildebrandt. Serving the community since 1955."

andbull; Music notes, sponsored by Mathew Hildebrandt, "In Loving Memory of ShariHildebrandt"

andbull; Old car, "In Loving Memory of Red and Linda Porteous"

andbull; Girl on the beach, "In honor of Irv and Davida Shipkowitz"

andbull; Wood duck, Dr. Dennis and Becky Wood and family and the All Creatures Animal Hospital

andbull; Goose in flight, Woodhaven Lower Lake Ranch and the Wood Family

andbull; Osprey, sponsored by and designed by Eileen Peterson

andbull; Hiker, "In Loving memory of Bill and Esther Gillespie"