Laura Wiens, The Triplicate

'The Clumsy Custard Horror Show and Ice Cream Clone Review' begins Friday

Turkey spiders. Ice cream clones. And one menacing blob of green custard.

No, this isn't a culinary nightmare. It's the latest production of Del Norte High School's theater class.

"The Clumsy Custard Horror Show and Ice Cream Clone Review," written by William Gleason, is a comedic battle of good-vs.-evil played out in the kingdom of Zob - both upper Zob (Zob proper) and lower Zob (Zob improper).

Zob proper King Dumb, played by Robin Pearce, wants his daughter, Princess Prince, played by Wendy Thao, to choose a husband at the Prince Picking Ceremony. Out of all the more suitable suitors, the princess falls for a gentle and courageous pauper.

Little does she know that he is actually Swashbuck Valpariso, the bearer of the magic sword, Master of Fast Feet and the one who rescues her after she is taken hostage by Dacron, the evil ruler of Zob improper, played by Kahliel Jones.

"It's your damsel-in-distress but with a twist," said Strand Hill, who plays Swashbuck Valpariso.

"It's a Medieval parody," said narrator Chelsey Steffen.

And the custard?

"He eats people," said Hill.

"I absorb them," corrected Sam Murphy, aka the Clumsy Custard, fully ensconced in a green spandex body suit.

With action, humor and a bit of audience participation, performances are Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. in the school's multi-purpose room. The cost is $5 for students, $8 for adults.

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