Laura Wiens, The Triplicate

Showing off international influences ranging from the mystique of African tribes to the exoticism of Asian culture, 42 students of Del Norte High School's dance class will perform a winter dance concert, "Around the World," Friday and Saturday night at Crescent Elk auditorium.

The first half of the show includes an ocean section," said dance class teacher Katie Pena. Six dancers wearing neon suits will dance as jellyfish cast in the aura of a blacklight.

"They glow," Pena said.

There'll also be some expressive dances dealing with emotions - from rage to depression, from hope to insecurity, as well phobias - fear of blood, mirrors, darkness and insanity, Pena said.

After an intermission, dancers will don more traditional outfits and perform one dance per

continent. "Antartica is cold and dark," Pena said. "The dancers start out with 'Ice Ice Baby,'" a song by hip-hop recording artist Vanilla Ice.

During each dance number, the back wall of the stage comes to life with a slide show featuring the core imagery of a continent.

"We use a lot of photos," Pena said. "It's a very busy section of the show."

The Asian section features a couple of different dance styles. Pena said two of her students got to teach dances from their own cultures. They will also wear their own traditional Hmong skirts for the show.

"For me, it's all about the kids," said Pena. "I want them to have more appreciation for other cultures. They'll take more away from this than anyone."

The show will be held at 7 p.m. both days. Tickets cost $8 for adults and $5 for seniors and students and are available at the door.

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