Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Customers at the downtown Crescent City Chase Bank may have a hard time withdrawing money from its ATM machine after a man knifed its screen Monday.

The man, dressed in all black, began throwing a hunting knife at the ATM near 3rd and H streets around 1:30 p.m.

He then began stabbing the screen, a spectacle that had several people stopping, staring and pulling out their cell phones.

A truck pulled up to the curb near the ATM while the man was throwing the knife, then quickly pulled away.

After the man finished thrashing the ATM screen, he etched an unidentifiable symbol into the top of it before calmly walking to his backpack, placed on a nearby bench, and sheathing the knife.

He slapped on a bracelet and began walking north on I Street when Crescent City Police Officer Anthony Lopez made contact with him near the fire station.

Lopez began giving the man, identified as 25 year-old Brady McConaghy, commands, but he did not respond, said Police Sgt. Erik Apperson.

After several more commands and warnings, Lopez tasered McConaghy, Apperson said.

McConaghy was arrested on suspicion of a weapons violation, vandalism and resisting arrest, Apperson said.

"He admitted to being the individual we were looking for," said Apperson. "He basically said he was upset with the bank."

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