I have been a Del Norte Warrior player, a Warrior coach, and a Warrior fan for more years that I like to count.

Playing football in 1948-50 we wore helmets that had no place to put an icon, but if we could have I would have been proud to have the Warrior head on the helmet I wore.

When I say this I mean no disrespect to our Native American community. The Indian with the full headdress, in my mind then and now, represents pride, honor and courage. These are qualities that are desirable for all our youth.

I have tremendous respect for our Native Americans and recognize that many of the Warriors' most outstanding athletes have been of Native American heritage: Archie Thompson; the Williams brothers, Chuck and Juke; the Morgan brothers Don and Leon; Blaine Lopez and Lewis Nova. This is just a short list of those who have left their mark on Warriors athletic history.

Blaine Lopez and Lewis Nova have gone on to become outstanding Warrior coaches. I find it sad that we let something like an icon for the Warriors divide the community.

I know that the loyal fans of Del Norte High School are going to continue their great support, no matter what symbol is finally chosen, and for this I am very thankful.

One thing I do find interesting during all this controversy, is the NFL team that has its home in our national capital, the Washington Redskins, have an Indian Warrior on their helmets. I also remember when Stanford University teams were called the Indians and that one of our local Native Americans, Tim Williams preformed Native American dances at halftime of Stanford football games and local fans were very proud of Tim and what he represented.

I hope that as a choice of a new icon is made that the feeling of Warriors past and present will be considered, as we expect this symbol will represent Del Norte High School for many years to come.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High Warrior sports. Trone, who played football for the Warriors and graduated in 1951, had an illustrious career on the gridiron at Humboldt State University. Trone was football head coach at Del Norte High for a number of years before retiring.