The Del Norte High School online Warrior mascot icon survey has been posted on the school's website.

Community members who respond are asked to describe their relationship to the school, provide their name and contact information and select one of seven icons.

The options include a Spartan, two medieval knights, a Viking warrior with a shield or a bearded Viking head and a flaming W. Respondents can also write in their own mascot ideas.

The survey also includes a link to Del Norte County Unified School District Board Policy 5135, which addresses school symbols.

"We want to know if they're a student or a community member," said Principal Coleen Parker. "This was one of the board's wishes, that we get input from a variety of people."

People can participate in the survey until Feb. 19, Parker said. She will then compile the results and share them with school district officials and School Board members.

The survey was posted on the high school's website Wednesday, Parker said. So far it has netted 400 responses, primarily from high school students, she said.

To access the survey, go to, click on district schools at the top of the page and select Del Norte High School.

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