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Authorities say man, 29, was subject of at least 26 calls

A Klamath man alleged to have been causing a ruckus while on the lam since last June was arrested Tuesday.

The Del Norte County Sheriff's Office was alerted by the Yurok Tribal Police on Tuesday morning that 29-year-old Jay Bates Jr. was at a home on Quinlan Avenue, said sheriff's Sgt. Steve Morris.

With the help of the National Park Service, Morris said he was able to assemble a squad of officers to surround the house, where they gained permission to enter and found Bates hiding under a bed.

He was arrested on a warrant for assault with a deadly weapon related to an incident last December when he got into an argument with his mother and shot a gun in her house, said sheriff's Commander Tim Athey.

Before then, Bates had been a parolee at large since last June when calls to dispatch began regarding his alleged activity and disruptions. There were at least 26 calls regarding Bates from June through January, Morris said.

He was usually able to evade officers because of the driving time it takes to respond to a call in Klamath, Morris said.

"He went on a spree doing whatever he wanted because he knew we couldn't get there quick enough," said Morris. "Obviously, I think it takes more manpower. We had a crime spree by this guy and we have not been able to put together a task force to hunt him down, and that's sad."

Morris cited several calls made to the dispatch, though Bates is not currently facing charges for any of the alleged activity. Morris noted that many of the calls did not result in formal complaints from the reporting party.

Here is a selection of the calls Morris cited:

In June, calls included Bates allegedly walking into a house in Klamath, taking something from the refrigerator and leaving, threatening his mother, tearing up the yard at a neighbor's house and threatening people.

In July, he was reportedly running around Klamath with a firearm, spotted at Crivelli's bar, tried to enter someone's house then later went to his mother's house and vandalized it.

In August, he was reportedly highly intoxicated walking toward Shooter's in Crescent City, but was gone when authorities arrived. Later in the month, he reportedly assaulted his mother and tried to take her car. He was reportedly seen at Crivelli's with a gun, but again got away before authorities arrived.

In September, he was reportedly spotted at Pey-Mey Fuel Mart with a handgun.

In November, he reportedly fired shots in the middle of Klamath Glen.

In October, he was spotted again at Crivelli's, but got away, and also seen at a trailer park across from the Yurok Tribal Police, but again got away.

In December, he was reportedly trying to break into houses on Elk Valley Road and was also reportedly seen running down Olive Streetin Crescent City with a knife.

Last month, a Klamath resident claimed to be hiding in the bath tub after Bates reportedly kicked in the front door of the residence.

"This was a train gaining speed and going downhill," said Morris.

Bates is in the county jail, with bail set at $250,000 bail.

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