Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

A Klamath man faces a dozen charges for suspected crimes he committed while on the lam for almost a year, and more are expected, says District Attorney Jon Alexander.

Jay W. Bates, 29, was arraigned on complaints for five separate incidents on Thursday and Friday and had his bail set at $400,000.

His mother is listed as the main victim in two of the complaints. On Dec. 14, Bates is alleged to have shot off a firearm while in her house, and on July 25, Bates is alleged to have attempted to burn down her house. He faces counts of attempted arson, vandalism, battery, possession of a firearm by a felon, assault with a rifle, discharging a firearm, child endangerment and drawing a firearm as a result of those complaints.

In another incident Aug. 23, Bates is alleged to have attempted to steal a woman's car. He faces counts of attempted car-jacking, child endangerment and battery from that complaint.

He also faces charges of vandalism, possession of a firearm by a felon, making criminal threats while armed, possessing a short-barrelled shotgun and resisting a peace officer stemming from two other incidents.

"From Klamath to Crescent City, where our courageous Task Force team arrested him, Jay Bates' reign of terror in Del Norte County ends at my desk," said Alexander.

Bates was the subject of at least 26 calls - a majority from Klamath - made to police since he was listed as a parolee-at-large last June, authorities said.

He was apprehended at a home in Quinlan Avenue in Klamath on Tuesday after authorities found him hiding under a bed.

On several occasions in the past few months, Bates was spotted by officers but was able to elude them, authorities said.

In court Thursday, Alexander mentioned possible threats made to witnesses and stated that he will be seeking convictions and prison time for anyone who intimidates a witness.

"We have had more than our share of witness intimidation from beatings, mobile home burnings and death threats coming out of Klamath ... and it won't be tolerated," said Alexander of past cases unrelated to Bates during an interview Friday.

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