Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Neighbors of a Bertsch Tract resident helped authorities track down a local man suspected of burglary Thursday morning.

A man was getting ready to go to work when he discovered someone inside his home on Ames Way, said sheriff's Commander Tim Athey.

The two men began fighting, but the burglar got away with some property, said Athey.

The homeowner reported the incident and deputies were dispatched, Athey said.

Neighbors listening to activity on police scanners began calling in to report sightings of a suspicious man as he ran through the tract, Athey said.

The man eventually ran to a house on Humboldt Road that was being worked on by a contractor, claiming he had a right to be in the house, Athey said.

The contractor chased him into the brush, where he was apprehended a shortly time later, Athey said.

Robert E. Snyder, 38, was arrested on suspicion of burglary and robbery.

Snyder said he was from Brookings, but is suspected of squatting recently in a motor home near the residence that was burglarized, Athey said.

When they went to the motor home, authorities discovered two stolen vehicles, Athey said.

One of the vehicles was stolen from Smith River recently while the driver was in the post office, Athey said.

The other was reported stolen Wednesday from Mickey's Quality Cars in Crescent City, Athey said.

Snyder had a key to one of the vehicles in his pocket at the time of his arrest, Athey said.

A search warrant was then served on the motorhome by the California Highway Patrol, and stolen property including mail and identification cards were found, Athey said.

The Sheriff's Felony Investigations Unit will investigate further and try to identify other suspects tied to the stolen goods found at the motor home, Athey said.

"All we can confirm is (Snyder)," said Athey. "We believe there are other people affiliated with him."

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