Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

Cars left in "no parking" areas in Crescent City Harbor will now be subject to towing, storage and the fees that come with that.

The Harbor Commission approved an ordinance during its Tuesday meeting at the behest of harbor staff concerned that improperly parked vehicles could hold up reconstruction of the inner boat basin.

The harbor district cannot issue parking tickets with fines, but the staff assumed that the cost of towing and storage will be a sufficient deterrent.

Reconstruction delays from parked cars or broken drill bits needed for driving piles (as was the case last summer) must be avoided for the second push of reconstruction, said Harbormaster/CEO Richard Young.

In order to keep work on track, Dutra Construction, the lead contractor for the project, has made a few changes: there will be three under-reamer drill bits on site this year in case one fails (which delayed pile-driving last year), Dutra has added additional managerial staff to its project team, and "they will be monitored much more closely by our engineering team," Young said at Tuesday's meeting.

"We are glad they are taking some steps to improve things, but improvement isn't an option; it's a requirement at this stage. It needs to get picked up and it will," Young said.

One hurdle to construction has been the need to relocate a pumphouse on the north corner of the inner boat basin that is owned by Ocean World aquarium. The commission had directed staff in the past to research if the pumphouse could be relocated, as the building did not mesh with the commission's vision for the harbor's future.

On Tuesday, the commission took initial steps toward an alternative that would be more affordable to Ocean World - installing an underground concrete vault to house pumping facilities.

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