One of the real joys that came with being a high school athletic director were coaching surprises that sometimes came upon me.

It used to be that you had to be a credentialed employee to coach. At different times in my career when a season was about to start in some sport other than football and we didn't have a coach, I got to step in and fill the gap. It was something I always enjoyed.

While I was at Yucca Valley High School before coming here, I got to coach girls basketball, boys golf, and baseball under these circumstances, but the most enjoyable one of all occurred after I came back to Del Norte.

Track season was about to start and the head coaching position was open. Principal Al Peyton said, "You're it," and the fun began.

The 1983 track team was made up of some of the most fun girls and boys that I ever had the pleasure of working with, especially the girls team.

They were led by senior Laura Aubell. Laura was an excellent athlete who had competed for the Warriors in track and tennis since her freshman year. She was also involved in many school activities, serving as student body secretary as a senior. She was elected homecoming princess as a junior, and she was a member of the Redwood Rockettes.

But it was on the track where she had her greatest athletic success. As a sophomore she joined Jennie Roberts, Lezlie Payne, Cindra Barbee and Sandy Clark to set the record in both the 440 and the mile relays.

As a senior she joined juniors Lezlie Payne and Laura Romero and sophomore Wendy Bruss to again dominate the league in those events. This was a group that could not only run fast, every member could also have won beauty contests. They all had those bubbly personalities that kept you on your toes, as you weren't sure what they were going to do next; it made working with them a

really enjoyable experience.

They made my one season as a track coach one I will always remember. The team also had a fun group of boys, Terry Vance, Hector Gonzales, Jason Seybold and Steve Redmond, to mention a few.

This group dominated the boys relays almost as much as the girls did theirs, but I knew what to expect from the boys as I had three of them in football. Terry, Jason, and Hector were all part of the 1982 Warrior championship football team.

Thanks for the memories.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports. He played football for the Warriors and graduated in 1951, later serving as the school's football coach for a number of years.