Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Authorities and school officials to attend seminar

In the wake of school shooting tragedies across the nation, the Del Norte County Unified School District and local law enforcement agencies will engage in a "School Active Shooter Seminar" on Wednesday.

The event will be sponsored by California Emergency Management Agency to address preventing, planning for and responding to a school shooting scenario, including "parent/student reunificaiton."

It will be held at the Crescent Fire Protection District, 255 W. Washington Blvd., from 8 a.m. to noon.

The seminar is expected to draw about 100 participants, including principals of each district school, other school employees and first responders from local law enforcement agencies, said Cindy Henderson, Del Norte County emergency services manager.

"I think it's the perfect timing to get them in here," said Henderson. "It's on people's minds, and when it's on people's minds they're interested."

She said Cal EMA sent out notifications of the seminar availability to counties throughout the state and she "jumped" at the chance.

Del Nore will be the third county to hold the seminar.

"I'm hoping to walk away feeling confident we're ready for any type of emergency like that in our schools," said Henderson.

The seminar is specifically for those law enforcement, emergency workers and school personnel, but it will spawn public information meetings that will be scheduled later, Henderson said.

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