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Here are excerpts from a statement issued Friday by Del Norte County District Attorney Jon Alexander:

"The State Bar Court of California has ruled against me in my disciplinary hearing and has recommended that I be disbarred. Sadly, but consistently, neither I nor my attorneys were notified of the decision, having to receive it from media sources ...

"If it stands, the decision means I will be barred from practicing law in California and indeed, the State Bar Court has employed a procedure under which a lawyer who is recommended by this Court for disbarment must stop practicing while that ruling is under appeal. And it may mean I must inevitably give up the office of District Attorney, an office I was elected to by the voters of Del Norte County.

"The verdict was hardly a surprise. For the past 12 months the Bar's Office of Chief Trial Counsel (OCTC) has come after me with petty charges, discredited complainants and witnesses, and prejudicial statements and leaks to the media ...

"I said months ago that the stakes in this prosecution were high. I said that if liars, defeated opponents and discredited attorneys could conspire with an already embattled OCTC to bring down a sitting DA, no prosecutor in California would be safe ...

"This case has unfortunately evolved into a loss - both for me and the people of Del Norte County, who elected me, supported me, wrote and testified for me ...

"As District Court of Appeal Justice William Bedsworth testified, corruption and moral turpitude are defined as a readiness to do evil. Repaying a loan before being sworn in as DA, loaning money to a best friend to stave off a home foreclosure and attempting to place a young meth addict in rehabilitation have all been characterized by the State Bar as corrupt and doing evil.

"Throughout this ordeal I have worked 18-hour days doing the job I was elected to do by the voters of Del Norte County which included the successful prosecution of a capital murder case - while also devoting time to my defense. This persecution has taken a toll on my health, my finances and my time. But it has not sapped my spirit. The support I received from citizens in Del Norte County, from common working people to county, municipal, corrections, tribal and civic leaders - has been extremely gratifying ...

"I, along with my legal team, am considering all options."

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Tuesday April 25, 2017

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