It is hard for me to believe that it was 66 years ago that I entered Del Norte High School as a freshman and got to meet senior Dick Moen and eventually became a teammate of his when baseball season came that spring.

While I was at Crescent Elk I watched Dick as he performed for the Warriors in whatever sport was in season. I remember how impressed I was with his speed.

It is interesting that back in those days, with the way league schedules were made, a boy could participate in football, basketball, baseball and track in the same year. Dick Moen did all of these.

It is also interesting that when the high school hired a coach he was expected to coach all four sports.

Even more interesting, Dick played for different coaches.

In Dick's freshman year, Ed Fraser was finishing a 20-year career as the Warriors head coach. In Dick's sophomore year Clarence Kruger took over for one year, then left. He was followed by Phil Crawford for one year, then by Talmud Kramer for one year. Kramer was my first Warrior coach.

As a sophomore, Dick played on the first 11-man football team that Del Norte had fielded since the start of World War II, a team that featured Gale Boyd and Byron "Boogie" Wilson, two backs noted for their excellent speed.

As a junior playing for coach Crawford, Dick helped the Warriors win at Ferndale 14-0. As a senior Dick was a starting halfback for the Warriors - this was the team coached by Talmud Kramer.

While Dick was a four-sport letterman, he was still involved in other school activities, holding both class and student body offices, and was very popular with everyone. I can still see the smile he always had on his face.

The senior prophesy in the 1948 yearbook was appropriate for this personable Warrior. He was projected to be "Jantzen's Top Model" and appear on the cover of Esquire Magazine. I would not have been surprised.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports. He played football for the Warriors and graduated in 1951, later serving as the school's football coach for a number of years.