Triplicate Staff

Supervisors clarify excused absences

County Supervisor David Finigan had a few choice words for letter-writers who criticized him and other supervisors who didn't attend the recent LEADN.

Finigan said he missed the annual awards ceremony hosted by the Law Enforcement Administrators of Del Norte County on March 19 because he was busy with the Regional Council of Rural Counties.

"There was a lot of good stuff that was done there, and it was important I be there for the county," he said Tuesday. "I would ask that people ... at least check before you admonish somebody, especially public officials, on some sort of agenda. Ask where we were."

A topic of discussion at RCRC includes the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and how that would affect rural counties, Finigan said.

Supervisor Martha McClure said she did not receive an invitation to the LEADN awards.

"I find this coordinated kind of attack, it's just insulting," she said, referring to three letters that were published in the Triplicate. "For years I have always attended every one of the awards ceremony. For me, to find this kind of attack that I must have been off doing something else, it's disappointing."

Sheriff Dean Wilson apologized for the oversight, saying it was the fault of his office.

"The criticism to the board members is unwarranted," he said.

- Jessica Cejnar

Take-and-bake must wait

Following a partial roof collapse last October, the owner of the building at 611 M St. discovered additional damage, leading to the temporary closure of Papa Murphy's Pizza last week.

An engineer hired by the Rite Aid corporation, which owns the building, installed a temporary structural support and repaired the roof following the incident, said Rite Aid spokesman Eric Harkreader.

City officials have red-tagged the northern portion of the building, meaning occupancy is prohibited, according to posted signs.

"We are in the process of securing a custom-made beam that will allow us to finish the structural repairs and put on a new roof for all tenants in the building," Harkreader said in a written statement Tuesday, adding he expects repairs to be finished in late spring.

Spotlight Video at the building's south end remains open.

- Jessica Cejnar