The Crescent City Council has approved a policy for the dedication and placement of memorial benches within city limits.

The policy is designed to bring consistency and continuity to the memorial bench program, said Public Works Director Eric Wier. Applicants will help city staff members choose locations for benches, while the benches' style will be selected by the city, he said.

"We've set it up in this program so (the applicant) would choose three locations that they would like, then as a city we will go out and look at the locations and try to accommodate them the best we can," Wier said.

He said he will take the recommended style for memorial benches to the Crescent City Planning Commission for approval.

Four Council members voted in favor of the policy. Councilwoman Kathryn Murray was absent.

Applicants will pay for the cost of the bench and plaque, as well as the labor and materials required to place it, Wier said. This could also include a concrete foundation pad to support the bench, he said.

Any new benches would be built out of concrete with a lifespan of about 10 years, according to the city's staff report. The city will provide normal maintenance during the bench's useful life but is not responsible for vandalism or damage caused by third parties.

Mayor Rich Enea said with the improvements and amenities planned for Beachfront Park, he foresees many requests for benches. He asked Wier if the city would be able to relocate benches.

"With Beachfront Park master plans and the fact that things do change over time, we wanted to be able to relocate the benches as needed," Wier responded.

Councilman Rick Holley said he was also concerned about accessibility. Wier said the city would take that into account when installing a memorial bench.

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