Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

A Crescent City man apparently angry with Walmart took his frustrations out on cars in its parking lot, causing $1,400 in damage, authorities said.

A man walking through the store's parking lot around 10:30 a.m. last Friday slashed tires on five vehicles with a hunting knife before he was confronted by a couple, said sheriff's Sgt. Gene McManus.

The man brandishing the knife, "stopped, turned and asked what they were going to do about it, which is a pretty significant challenge," said McManus.

Then the man reached into a backpack he was carrying and pulled out what appeared to be a handgun and kept it at his side as he left the parking lot heading into woods south of Washington Boulevard, McManus said. It was later determined to be a BB gun modified to look like an actual firearm, McManus said.

California Highway Patrol and Crescent City Police officers also responded to the scene, McManus said.

Police Officer Anthony Lopez eventually apprehended the man in the woods and witnesses identified him as the tire slasher, McManus said.

Jarrod Roman-Nose, 30, was arrested on suspicion of five counts of vandalism and three counts of brandishing a knife.

While the victims were trying to figure out what they were going to do about their deflated tires, Walmart Manager Nick Gonnella made calls to have the cars serviced at the store's expense, McManus said.

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