Triplicate Staff

The sixth annual Ruby Van Deventer Wildflower Show will be held Friday and Saturday, May 10andndash;11, at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Admission is free.

This year's early spring conditions mean more wildflowers than ever will be on display, including trilliums, irises and lilies, according to organizer Rick Bennett. The lupine is this year's theme flower, and a series of wildflower walks will again be held in conjunction with the show.

The popular carnivorous plant master, Harold Tryon, will again be on hand. There will also be Native American experts in medicinal, edible and utilitarian plants. All the usual attractions will be at the show, including Carol Schach's photos.

The show's opening day traditionally attracts busloads of third-graders from nine schools, and this year will be no exception. Each student gets a coloring book and a packet of seeds, and the kids also get to visit the railroad car and old schoolhouse at the fairgrounds.

Don't be afraid to visit the show that day, however, because "we devise a tight schedule so they're not all there at once," Bennett said.

Show organizers split the transportation cost of the field trips with the schools, but the budget is tight, Bennett said. While a few generous donations have been received, there have not been as many contributions as usual and there is concern about the show's financial future, he said.

To help, send tax-deductible donations to "Ruby" c/o the Del Norte Historical Society, 577 H St., Crescent City.

The very existence of the show pays tribute to Ruby Van Deventer, a Del Norte High School teacher and amateur botanist who collected more than 4,000 species of wildflowers.