Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

Almost as common as the fog in Crescent City are the transient philanthropists traveling up or down the coast to help fight cancer, diabetes or some other malady.

But by skateboard?

Stepbrothers Chuck Swafford, 28, and Ruben Duran, 32, both of northeastern Arizona, arrived in Crescent City via skateboard (longboard, to be precise) this week after setting out on a Portland-to-New York City trek to raise money for the "No Kid Hungry" campaign, which targets childhood hunger in America.

In typical brotherly fashion, the two haven't even skated together for the whole the route, but the faster man on longboard will usually wait in the town ahead for his brother to catch up.

With full backpacks strapped on, the two plan to finish the 4,000-mile trip to the Big Apple by late August. They planned to head south from Crescent City on U.S. Highway 101 before turning east on U.S. Highway 299.

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