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Marijuana wasn't really missing, sheriff says

What about that defense attorney claim that confiscated pot had gone missing in a recently settled marijuana case against local business owners?

Sheriff Dean Wilson said earlier this week that an attorney came to view the evidence and when the property manager couldn't locate it, he mistakenly told the attorney it had been destroyed.

The following day, the attorney came back and the marijuana was located with the assistance of the sheriff's deputy who had worked the case, Wilson said.

The motion the defense had sculpted to either dismiss the charges or exclude the plants from being used as evidence was angled to force the prosecution to jump through hoops to prove that the marijuana presented the day after the initial inquiry was in fact the same marijuana.

The case came to a conclusion before that was addressed in court.

- Anthony Skeens

A singer silenced

Del Norte's music community lost someone special when Colleen Bruhy died April 28.

She was involved with many musical endeavors for the Lighthouse Repertory Theatre, the North Coast Chorale and others.

"She sang her whole life," Holly Austin said of Bruhy on Friday.

Austin, director of the Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness, wrote a profile about Bruhy for the Triplicate back in 2000. To read it on-line, use this link:

A memorial service for Bruhy will be held today at 11 a.m. at United Methodist Church.

- Richard Wiens

No telling who's ahead

How do you keep score at a Del Norte High baseball or softball game?

It's a bit of a trick question. For the fans in the stands, the scoreboards at the high school's baseball and softball fields are useless - both are in need of repair.

Warriors softball coach Tom Moore wanted the game score more visible to coaches, players and spectators. Del Norte has been using a scoreboard on loan from Crescent City's Babe Ruth Baseball, operated by a reserve player in the stands at most games.

"I'd like to thank Babe Ruth for the use of their scoreboard," Moore said.

As for baseball, those who keep track are much obliged to share the information.

The issue of scoreboard maintenance has yet to come before the Del Norte County Unified School District Board of Trustees, which faces its own issues with Del Norte High sports - namely, whether some may have to be cut for the 2013andndash;14 academic year.

- Robert Husseman

Forests and smart phones

California National Forest maps have stepped into the smart phone world with all forest visitor maps and quad maps now available for purchase through a mobile phone application.

The free-of-charge Avenza PDF Maps app is available for most Apple iOS products through the iTunes store and can be used to display a variety of forest service maps. A beta version of the appis also available for Android devices.

The maps will work with GPS-enabled iOS devices (iPhone 3GS and higher or iPads with 3G/LTE) even without a wireless connection or cellphone signal.

Forest Visitor maps and Forest-Atlas pages are available for $3.99 and 99 cents, respectively. Motor Vehicle Use Maps and Motor Vehicle Opportunity Guides will be available for free starting in January.

Users will be able to plot placemarks, add notes and photos for specific GPS locations, or measure distances, all of which can then be shared with friends and colleagues for future use.

A link to the app can be found on the Pacific Southwest Forest Service website

- Adam Spencer

iPads at the top

Crescent City Council members, the city manager and city attorney may receive an extra perk in the technology department.

The City Council on Monday night will be asked to approve the purchase of seven iPads and the software that will enable city staff to deliver agenda packets electronically. The total cost will be about $4,200, according to the city staff report. But officials hope to save the city about $3,000 annually in printing, paper and labor costs.

The funds to purchase the iPads are available in the city's IT Department budget, according to the city's staff report.

Under the city's proposed iPad policy, each Council member will receive a device, a protective case, keypad and charger. They will be able to access their city e-mail accounts and view official documents. The city will also keep a list of approved apps that can be used on city-assigned iPads, according to the staff report.

An agenda for Monday's meeting is available at Meetings are streamed live

- Jessica Cejnar