Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

The release of a prison inmate into Del Norte County got off to a rocky start and ended with the convict's return to custody, authorities said.

Kevin M. Tennin, 49, of Minnesota was released from Pelican Bay State Prison on Monday after serving time for a sex-related crime and arson committed while in prison, according to the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office.

Tennin was under supervised parole and was being monitored with a GPS device, according to the Sheriff's Office, but it was removed Tuesday by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation parole office in Humboldt County without proper notification to the Sheriff's Office.

Eventually, a detective at the Sheriff's Office was notified of the removal, sheriff's Commander Bill Steven said.

An agent with the parole office was unable to be reached for comment Friday.

Tennin was subsequently arrested in Crescent City for a parole violation based out of Minnesota for failing to notify the state's law enforcement that he had been released from prison, Steven said.

Tennin had been serving time in a Minnesota prison when he was deemed too disruptive and shipped to Pelican Bay, Steven said.

"If he's back there and he's just being a complete problem, sometimes they'll ship them to California," said Steven. "If they send him out here, California can send (a prisoner) out there."

Tennin was released to Del Norte County despite his original commitment offense ofrape by force upon a minor because he had been convicted of arson while in Pelican Bay, Steven said.

"While he was out at Pelican Bay,he torched his cell," said Steven.

California parole is withdrawing its claim for him and he will be extradited back to Minnesota, Steven said.

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