Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Authorities arrested a suspect who allegedly spray-painted more then a dozen buildings, structures and vehicles, causing at least $1,000 in damage.

Jeremiah Hunt, 24, was arrested by Crescent City Police Cpl. Jim Wright last Friday near 9th and G streets for public intoxication and felony vandalism.

"We were able to clear up quite a number of cases of vandalism," said Police Chief Doug Plack, adding they occurred over a week-and-a-half span. "There are similarities throughout all of those incidences."

Among the objects he is suspected of tagging (a term for marking surfaces with graffiti) are the Sheriff's Office, Safeway and vehicles in its parking lot, a Health and Human Services building and signs at Battery Point Lighthouse and Jack in the Box, Plack said.

He said a majority of vandalism occurred during the night when he was able to use the darkness as cover.

Hunt was identified through video surveillance, still photographs and witnesses, Plack said.

"We are still waiting for additional costs associated with the tagging," said Plack.

If there have been any other victims of tagging recently, they should not clean off the graffiti before notifying law enforcement, Plack said, "one of the reasons being we conducted a reverse investigation technique on this that allowed us to associate this individual with more than one or two incidences of tagging."

Plack also said that there is a special solvent to easily remove the spray paint that is available to the public.

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