The consequences of drunk driving will be on display at Del Norte High School as it holds its Every 15 Minutes program Thursday and Friday.

A group of selected juniors and seniors will leave class Thursday morning and don makeup designed to make them look like the "living dead," said Principal Coleen Parker. These students were asked to write their own obituaries prior to the event. They will read their obituaries in class, she said.

Once these students receive their makeovers and read their obituaries, they will go to the back of the class and remain silent, Parker said. The students will have no contact with their families for 24 hours. They will spend much of their time at a retreat.

"They will write letters to their parents, and their parents will write letters to them," Parker said. "The crash scene that happens looks like a live crash scene and all emergency services treat it as a real crash scene. The juniors and seniors will go out and watch that happen."

Washington Boulevard from Inyo Street to Del Mar Road will be closed from 9 to 11 a.m. Thursday. Washington from Leif Circle to Summer Lane will also be closed from noon to 12:15 p.m. Thursday.

This will allow a helicopter to land to transport crash victims to Sutter Coast Hospital.

On Friday, students will view a video of Thursday's crash scene, including footage from the hospital, the mortuary and the jail, Parker said. Students will also hear from speaker Bob Mortimer, who received life-altering injuries from a drunk driving accident at age 21.

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