When I entered Del Norte High School in the fall of 1947, the school was trying something new, a student court.

This was an idea that had been borrowed from Medford High School. A "chief justice" was selected from the senior class and two "associate justices" were elected from each class. A "prosecuting attorney" and a "court recorder" were also selected.

It turned out that the chief justice selected was also one of the seniors who played lightweight basketball. Gordon Miller was that person.

Gordon was an excellent student with a great personality and a lot of leadership skills. His academic success regularly kept his name on the honor roll, and he was a regular member of the California Scholastic Federation.

He held several class offices during his high school years, one of which was senior president.

The group that Gordon was to lead was supposed to put on trial students who destroyed school property, had unseemly conduct at school activities or violated hall or ground rules. The associate justices were to act as the jury, and appropriate penalties would be given with guilty verdicts.

The court was short-lived as after my freshman year I never heard of it again.

Where I really got to know Gordon was on the basketball court. We played the same position, so we were always competing for playing time. With this competition, Gordon and I became good friends.

We had other things in common, too, in that both of us lived in Fort Dick and both lived on dairy ranches. Gordon live on the family dairy on South Bank Road and I lived on the old Morehead Ranch on Morehead Road.

In those days the school did not run a late bus for students involved in after-school activities, so often since my dad was coaching we would give Gordon a ride home.

When I first came back to Del Norte in 1980, Gordon had a business in Brookings and we were able to get together and remember the old days of the red and white Warriors and the fun times we had as teammates.

It may have been a long time ago but the memories last forever.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports. He played football for the Warriors and graduated in 1951, later serving as the school's football coach for a number of years.