Laura Wiens, The Triplicate

Organizers: Event 'successful' this year

The show will go on.

This year's sixth annual Ruby Van Deventer Wildflower Show was "quite successful," according to organizers of the annual event, which means there will be a seventh annual show next year.

More than 600 people attended the two-day show last month at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

"We had quite a number of new plants that we hadn't shown previously," said show organizer Rick Bennett.

Spring weather conditions made it possible for about 45 new plants to be displayed this year, in addition to the roughly 200 traditional species shown since the show debuted in 2008.

Proceeds from the show made it possible for two $500 scholarships to be awarded to the Del Norte High Scholarship Program and College of the Redwoods-Del Norte Foundation.

Bennett said the greatest success of the show came from the attendance of third-grade classes from eight of the nine county schools that visited in shifts on the first day of the show.

"The third-grade groups, they get quite a bit out of it," said Bennett. "Many come back the next day with their parents. The teachers are enthused and they feel it's quite beneficial to the third-grade curriculum."

Next year's show is planned for May 9-10.

Organizers also voted to take on an invasive plant removal project for the remainder of the year.

Bennett says this area has its share of invasive plants, Scotch broom being the most prominent.

"These invasive species are encroaching on some sensitive plants," he said. "We owe it to the (native) plants to see if we can mitigate the spreading of them."

Volunteers are needed to assist in the efforts. Call Rick Bennett for more information at 457-3485.

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