Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

Less than two days after a new bus shelter was erected on 3rd Street in Crescent City, two glass panes on the structure were shattered, racking up $1,000-$5,000 worth of damage to the publicly funded shelter.

After receiving calls about a man damaging the shelter in front of Grocery Outlet, Crescent City Police officers found David Swedensky, 38, who is homeless, sitting near the shelter, looking agitated, according to Chief Doug Plack.

Next to Swedensky was shattered glass and a tipped over shopping cart with trash spilling into the street, Plack said.

Officers located a large rock in the parking lot next to Swedensky, which witnesses said was used to break one pane, while the cart was used to break the other, they told the officers, Plack said.

Swedensky was arrested on suspicion of vandalism at a felony level, because of the severity of the damage, Plack said.

Because of the damage and the fact that Swedensky had been contacted several times by law enforcement before, he was not released on his own recognizance, Plack said, adding he will be submit a restitution order to the District Attorney's Office for the bus shelter.

"It costs tax dollars to replace these things," Plack said. "Here's a brand new item, up for two days and this individual decides to take his frustrations out on it."

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