When Warrior fans hear the name Sullivan they immediately think athlete.

The line started with Bill Sullivan, son of Dee and Leo Sullivan. Dee was a long-time Warrior coach and an Olympic-caliber athlete.

Bill is a Del Norte High School Hall of Fame athlete who had a stellar football career at Oregon State. After graduating from OSU, Bill returned to Crescent City and he and his wife, Karen, had three sons, Mike, Joe and Grant, all of whom have been excellent Warrior athletes.

I had the privilege of coaching Mike and Joe on the football field. I picked on Mike earlier; now it is Joe's turn. Joe holds a very special place in my memory in that he played on the very last football team that I coached before retiring.

Joe was an excellent running back and had the competitive spirit that made him a joy to work with. He started his Warrior football career as a freshman running back on the JV team, a position he continued to hold his sophomore year.

When he moved up to varsity he continued his career as a very productive tailback in the Warrior running game. He was a modest, hard-working, quiet young man who always tried to improve, which made him a real solid Warrior.

When football ended, Joe took his talents to the basketball court, playing on both the JV and varsity teams during his high school years.

I remember another great talent Joe had: He was an outstanding senior cheerleader for the powderpuff football game. I don't know if he was cheering for the winning or losing team, but he was having fun.

After graduation from Del Norte, Joe first went to Sierra College in Rocklin, where he played football for two years. From there he went to Oregon State University, where he graduated with a degree in business. While at OSU, he met his wife, Mary.

When he left OSU, he returned to Crescent City, working for his parents at Baker and Stanton.

He then took a job for the Lane Company, starting in Mississippi. He was transferred all over the country: Portland, New Hampshire, Portland again and eventually ended up in Phoenix.

Joe and Mary decided it was time to stop moving around and returned to Crescent City.

They have two children, Molly, 6, and Jack, 3. Joe is now an officer for the Crescent City Police Department, a position he has held for almost six years.

It is great having Joe serving our community. He is a super young man, and all who know him respect him.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports. He played football for the Warriors and graduated in 1951, later serving as the school's football coach for a number of years.