County Supervisor Mike Sullivan says he wants to keep Pelican Bay State Prison inmates from receiving the Del Norte Triplicate.

At the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, Sullivan said some of his constituents, including correctional officers and non-prison employees, have brought their concerns to him about why inmates are able to receive the paper.

"I want to push to discourage that," Sullivan said, adding that he has been "playing phone tag" with the California Department of Corrections. "One, the paper includes notices of foreclosure, which gives addresses and names, as well as occasionally the Triplicate comes out with maps. These are all things I don't think the inmates need to get up there."

Seventeen inmates currently subscribe to the Triplicate. New Del Norte maps are inserted once a year, but they are pulled from the copies delivered to the prison.

Under California Code of Regulations Title 15 Section 3134.1, prison inmates may subscribe to, purchase or have newspapers sent to them. The law also applies to magazines, books and other periodicals.

"The law allows inmates to subscribe to the newspaper," said CDCR spokeswoman Terry Thornton. "There are disapproved publications that includes things that advocate violence. Those publications include things like sexual content or nudity, warfare or weaponry, bomb-making instructions, those kinds of things."