Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

Local Frontier Communications customers were leery of a letter received last week filled with technical language describing a change effective July 1.

The letter says that Frontier's prices, service descriptions, and terms and conditions for its retail services will no longer be on file with the California Public Utilities Commission via tariffs but instead will be in a "Service Catalog," making local customers concerned that there will no longer be any regulatory oversight over Frontier.

Not the case, said CPUC spokesman Andrew Kotch.

"Regardless of this transition to the service catalog, the CPUC still has oversight of intrastate services and thus consumers have the right to complain to the CPUC about Frontier's services if a problem arises that they cannot work out with Frontier and the CPUC maintains the right to oversee these services," Kotch said in an email.

Will Burge, general manager of Frontier in Del Norte and Southern Oregon coast, said the change should be welcomed, as it allows Frontier to offer unlimited long distance services, which wasn't possible before in Del Norte.

The tariff system for Frontier in Del Norte was grandfathered in from previous company owners (like West Coast Telephone and Verizon), and that system didn't allow for certain products.

Frontier in Del Norte petitioned the CPUC to merge their operations here with their other operations in California, so now products, like unlimited long distance, can be offered.

"We're very happy to now be able to offer that product to our customers," Burge said.

Long story short: the dense legal letter is nothing to worry about, Frontier customers. Dial away.

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