Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

A cell phone robbery led to an arrest on suspicion of statutory rape earlier this week.

The father of two teenage girls reported to the Crescent City Police Department that his daughter's phone had been taken from her Tuesday afternoon, said Police Chief Doug Plack.

"All the individuals are known to each other," said Plack.

The sisters were walking on U.S. Highway 101 near Torero's Restaurant earlier in the day when they were accosted by a man and woman in a car who demanded a cell phone from one of the girls, Plack said.

"(The woman) approached the two juveniles and demanded she hand over her cell phone, then made threats of assaulting them," said Plack.

The girls were able to get away from the woman without giving up the phone, went to a nearby hotel and phoned their father, but then they continued to walk north on the highway and were approached by the same pair in the vehicle, Plack said.

The woman threatened to assault one of the girls again if they didn't give her the cell phone, Plack said.

One of the girls then gave the woman the cell phone, Plack said.

"The investigation dealt with more than just a cell phone issue," said Plack.

It was discovered one of the teens had an ongoing "intimate relationship" with the man in the car, Plack said.

Carol H. Hunter, 19, was subsequently arrest on suspicion of robbery and Cameron Stout, 23, was arrested on suspicion of statutory rape.

Authorities did not find the cell phone, Plack said.

At this point it is unclear why Hunter was allegedly seeking the cell phone, Plack said.

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