Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Suspended District Attorney Jon Alexander is asking a local court to reinstall him in the DA's Office.

A petition was recently filed in Del Norte County Superior Court asking for a reversal of the Board of Supervisors decision to suspend him without pay pending the outcome of his appeal of a State Bar ruling that suspended his ability to practice law.

The petition claims supervisors violated the Brown Act and Alexander's due process rights, and that the county lacks the proper authority to suspend him.

He is seeking to be reinstated to his elected position with pay, as well as back pay with interest. He is also seeking attorney fees.

Alexander was suspended without pay by the supervisors April 5 following a decision by a State Bar judge to place him on inactive status for practicing law after she recommended he be disbarred.

The judge ruled that Alexander violated State Bar rules against communicating with a represented party, moral turpitude and suppressing evidence. The violations stemmed from a conversation he had with a woman facing drug-related charges after she went into his office with a voice recorder in her pocket.

Alexander's appeal of his recommended disbarment may not be resolved until next year.

While Alexander may not be able to practice law, the petition contends he is still able to perform administrative duties of the DA's job.

"For two and a half years we worked hard and sent a lot of bad guys away," Alexander told the Triplicate on Wednesday. "I have a tremendous amount of loyalty to this county and I look forward to serving it again."

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