Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Rescue workers were busy locating a couple of visitors who got lost in Del Norte County this weekend.

Jeffrey Gutierrez, 30, of Eureka, was found near his campsite near the South Kelsey Trail on Tuesday after he left for Harrington Lake on Saturday, said sheriff's Commander Bill Steven.

Rescue teams from Del Norte, Humboldt, Klamath, Jackson and Josphine counties, as well as the Del Norte Sheriff's Office, assisted in the two-day search for the man after he was reported missing on Monday, Steven said.

A second visitor got lost after she drove onto Green Diamond Resource Company property near Wilson Creek and got stuck in a ditch on Friday, Steven said.

Linda Nelson of Gold Beach had ventured onto the property after a gate was left open for people repairing a bridge, Steven said.

Nelson took the branch of a forked road the workers weren't on, so when they left they never encountered her and eventually locked the gate, Steven said.

Nelson eventually left her vehicle and began climbing a hill to search for a signal on her cell phone, Steven said.

When she got hold of dispatch, she wasn't completely sure where she was, but eventually her area was deduced by dispatcher questions, Steven said.

Sheriff's Commander Tim Athey, who was part of the search crew, eventually found her on Monday, Steven said.

The search team consisted of the Sheriff's Office, Del Norte Search and Rescue, Klamath Fire Protection District and Yurok Tribal Police, which canvassed all potential routes until she was found.

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