Triplicate Staff

Crescent City's Coast Guard Auxiliary will offer an About Boating Safety class on Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Coast Guard Auxiliary Hall, 160 Marine Way in Crescent City Harbor.

The $20 class is recommended for first time boaters, those new to boating on the ocean, those wanting a review of safe boating practices, navigation, GPS and charting, and radio communications.

The class will include detailed local knowledge about nuances of the sea outside Crescent City, like submerged rocks to avoid or how to best navigate the federal channel.

"It's local knowledge, taught by people that live here," said auxiliary member Jill Munger."We can help you learn to work your GPS - I can't tell you where the fish are, but I can tell you how to get home if you don't find any and the fog rolls in."

An informational book and certificate will be given out upon completion of the class.

All interested boaters can contact Jill Munger at 464-5337 to reserve their place in the class.

- Del Norte Triplicate